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Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Three Person Tent

The Coastline 3 Plus 3 man tent from Coleman is a super spacious tent that will comfortably fit 3 people sleeping – unlike many 3 men tents which often claim to be 3 man, but will only really fit 2.

This tent provides pretty good value for money, its a good quality well made tent, but the thing I love the most about it is how much room you get for the weight of the tent. This is achieved by a really simple design. This tent would be ideal for festivals, outdoor camping trips both long and short term.

The tent is 150cm, so although owners won’t be able to stand up fully, the height will enable campers to spend some time in the large porch with table and chairs hanging out and eating if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The covered porch space can also be extended with some extra included poles that attach to one of the porch doors – this is a really cool feature that will give you even more space to chill out or even cook under when the weather is bad.

The Coleman Coastline features a risen ground sheet for a more comfortable, sewn in type groundsheet that still retains the ventilation of a traditional flat groundsheet. This should provide a more comfortable sleep for campers, especially if you’re pitching up on hard cold grounds and should help to keep the rain out.

PORCH: This tent features a large porch to store your belongings, as well as providing a place for campers to hang out during bad weather. The porch is 3.78 m², which is plenty of space for three people to spread out their belongings and not worry about making a mess. The porch also has three doors, two sides and one front, meaning you can open out the whole space to provide a nice little place to hang out with your camping buddies.

coleman coastline 3 plus spacious

PORCH POLES: A really cool feature of this tent is the  tent  included lightweight porch poles, meaning the porch door can be opened up to created an extra sheltered  outside space.


3 FIBREGLASS POLE DESIGN: The less poles a tent has, the quicker it is to pitch, and the lighter the whole package should be! The 3 pole tunnel design on this tent means it can be pitched in 10 minutes (after some practice), and the use of only fibreglass poles helps to keep the weight of the package down. The poles are all colour coded which should make pitching quickly a bit easier.

WATERPROOFING: This tent has several features to help combat rain, including a polyester flysheet with a 3000mm hydrostatic head and taped seams. The raised sides on the groundsheet should also do a good job of preventing any water from getting inside the tent. The whole groundsheet can be separated from the rest of the tent which is a handy if it becomes very muddy or wet.

Coleman Coastline 3 plus waterproof

VENTILATION: The inner bedrooms are made from breathable polyester, and bedroom has a fine mesh door to stop bugs coming in whilst preventing the bedroom become damp. The coastline plus also features adjustable air vents that are protected with mesh that can be fixed open.


SET UP STYLE: Flysheet first
CAPACITY: 3 person
PORCH SIZE: 3.78 m²
HEADROOM: 140 cm
CARRY BAG TYPE: Rectangular with zipper opening
PACKED SIZED: 66 x 18 x 18 cm
POLES: 3 fibreglass poles

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