oex jackall tent review

OEX Jackal II 2-Person Tent

The OEX Jackal II 2-Person Tent is a great, lightweight 2 man tent, ideal for short camping trips, backpacking and festivals.

OEX Jackal TentOne of my favourite features about this tent, and indeed all other OEX tents is that it comes with a split bag so that you can easily share the carry load with your camping partner. Now, any tent can fairly easily be split with extra bags but I like that OEX have actually considered this problem and built a solution into their tent design.

The package also comes with separate dry bags for the inner and outer meaning your bedroom shouldn’t get wet even if the tent is packed away after rain.

oex jackal

At only 3.25 kg, this tent us super lightweight. Despite the weight, campers still get a porch to store belongings as well as a fairly comfortable sized sleeping area.

The OEX production team boast a team of experts who have given the nod on OEX tent designs including backpackers, school expedition leaders and other outdoor experts.

oex jackall

The tent contains two vents to help to prevent condensation building up from inside this small tent, and the inside door has two parts – one all mesh, and one all polyester so you can choose which

BERTH: 2 Man
HEIGHT: 115cm
LENGTH: 325cm
WIDTH: 160cm
WEIGHT: 3.25kg
PACK SIZE: 46 x 18 x 18cm

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